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Ewa i Walla


I researched Ewa i Walla for my last project and really like the designs of the clothes.  Their fabrics are mainly natural cottons, wools, linen and silk and their designs are focused on a sense of romance and nostalgia, farmer culture as well as haute couture.

Design Seeds


Recommended to me by Alison Yule, Design Seeds has really fresh colour pallettes and the whole site is displayed and presented with little text and mainly graphics.  The ideas are clear in their concepts and are great for ideas of ways to develop colour pallettes and ideas from visual research.

Also, City Seeds:

Currently my website is under construction, being designed and built by Ed Barber

A Product Design student, currently on placement year, his work is definately worth a look, as an emerging talent within product design.

kurt jackson


Kurt Jackson is my favourite British Artist.  I have been following his work for a few years and his exhibitions and new work never fails to impress.  Mainly focused on landscapes, the layers of colour within his pieces are incredible and as result of his use of mixed media, his work always looks textural.

“In Cornwall my subjects are mostly places I know well, that I visit over and over again – certain areas of coast, moorland and valleys. I tend to work on projects, usually over a year, which are based on a particular aspect of Cornish culture or a distinct tract of countryside. Capturing a fleeting impression doesn’t interest me. In all my paintings the aim is to convey my feelings and sense of awareness in that particular environment”. Kurt Jackson (

The late Peter Collingwood was a master of his craft; weaving

A weaver of 50 years he was an incredibly respected figure and his son, Jason, has carried on the tradition and is a weaver also.  (

He had a keen interest in the weft threads being woven at an angle in which he developed the techniques ‘Anglefell’ and ‘Macrogauze’ enabling the warp threads to move even further sideways.

“Handweaving is artistically justifiable only if it can keep abreast of contemporary movements in the world of architecture and fashion, if it can capture the spirit of the age in its textiles” Peter Collingwood

about local.


Blodwen are a company in the Cardigan Bay, who’s ethos is about local; locally sourced materials and showcasing local crafts people. This is all in order to celebrate, regenerate and maintain traditional skills. From Potters, to Weavers, their product range is about the beauty of the handmade.

It is important to preserve traditional crafts and also establish a wider understanding between the customer and the artisan. Hand crafted products are produced using laborious techniques, and therefore produced with a lot of skill and attention to detail. Machines cannot replace the beauty of this work.

Therefore, the more companies who want to promote handcrafts and carry tradition forward into the contemporary, the better.

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